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MyHealth Record

MyHealth Record, also known as Patient Medication Record (PMR), is an electronic record system that record all the medications you are taking. PMR helps us better manage your medications, improve compliance and thus, improve your health. PMR also allows you to keep a record of your health data and retrieve it anytime you need.

The service is voluntary. If you have a long-term condition, we encourage you to register for it.

It is available at CARiNG stores.

What Can This Service Do For Me ?

Securely record and store your medications and health information in the cloud

Enable sharing of health records with you and your healthcare professionals

Allow you to monitor your loved one’s and your health records

Use pill alarm to remind yourself to take medications and supplements on time

Receive reminders to pick up your regular medications on-time

Keep track of your allergen

How Do I Register For This Service?

  1. Speak to CARiNG pharmacist for free registration.
  2. We encourage all CARiNG members to sign up, especially if you are on long term medications.
  3. When you register, your pharmacist will ask for:

    • some information, including your name, contact number and identification card number

    • your consent to CARiNG for keeping a record of all your medications in Patient Medication Record (PMR).  Your pharmacist will initiate a medication record for you.

    • After you have registered for the service, you can access your PMR using CARiNG Apps

Reviewing Your Use Of Medications

When you have registered for the service, your pharmacist will look at how you use your medications and any problems you may have with them.

Your pharmacist may provide additional services such as Medication Use Review (MUR), Monitored Dosage System (MDS) or Chronic Disease Management (CDM) when applicable.

Filling Your Prescription

1. Your pharmacist will check your prescription and prepare the medications you need according to your doctor’s advice.

2. The prescription is only valid for a duration as decided by your doctor. Your pharmacist will ask you to follow up with your doctor for regular medical care and new prescription.

Will My Medical Information Be In Safe Hands?

Yes. It is strictly private and confidential.  Informed consent will be obtained before commencing.

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