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Diabetes Management System

Advance technology is making blood glucose monitoring and management so much easier for you and your healthcare team.

How Does It Work ?

Ask your CARiNG pharmacist about the special blood glucose monitor that allows you to share your monitoring results with your pharmacist.

Once you have purchased the blood glucose monitor, download the corresponding app onto your phone.You can then choose the option to allow your pharmacist to access your data.

Why Use This Technology?

Better diabetes management support. Thanks to the app, you have an easy-to- refer record of your blood glucose readings. You can use this record to track how well you are controlling your diabetes.

Pharmacist will be better able to track your progress on a regular basis. They can pinpoint any problems or mistakes early and advise you on how to overcome these issues.

It’s also a food diary. You can upload images of your food and the app is smart enough to analyze them. You will have a food diary that keeps track of what you eat and let you know which foods cause sudden rises in blood sugar levels.

Improved communication with your healthcare team. You and your pharmacist can leave comments and photos for one another through the app. You can ask questions while your pharmacist can provide advice and support.

Improved communication with your doctor. Additionally, you can use the data you have collected to fine tune with your doctor on your diabetes management goals and strategies.

If You Have Diabetes, You Should Monitor Your Blood Glucose Every Day.

✔ It’s an immediate way to let you know whether you are on track when it comes to managing your blood glucose levels.

✔ The data you’ve collected from daily monitoring allows you to work with your healthcare team to adjust your treatment, diet, exercise plan, etc, on an as-needed basis, to improve your diabetes management.

With information ecological integration technology, it is now easier to utilise your blood glucose monitoring results to improve your diabetes management.

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