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Medication Use Review (MUR)

When you take regular prescription medication, it’s good to review it from time to time to make sure you’re getting the most benefit from it.

Our FREE Medication Use Review (MUR) service can reassure you your medicine is working for you.

MUR Is Specially Designed To

Improve Your Understanding Of Your Medicines

Help You To Clear All Your Doubt On Your Medication, From The Proper Storage To Side Effects Of The Medicine

Improve Your Medication Safety And Adherence

Should I Have MUR?

If you have many medications prescribed to you (i.e 3 or more) or if you do not understand your medications, you may approach a CARiNG pharmacist for an MUR

How Can I Access This Service?

The MUR involves the pharmacist and patient having a discussion on the use of the medications prescribed by the patient's doctor.
Just 3 simple steps and you can access to this service.

Step 1

Bring along the doctor’s prescription and sample of your medication if you have any.


Walk-in to selected CARiNG Pharmacy for the MUR service. A caretaker may accompany you to sit through an MUR.
• This service is available in selected CARiNG Pharmacy stores only.
• It may takes 5 minutes or more depending on the number of medications that have been prescribed to you.


• The pharmacist will then provide you with a form with action plan.

• This form is for patient self-action.

• It can also be a proposed solutions to the doctor to modify the patient’s prescribed medication. In this case, do pass-on the form to your doctor in your next visit to the clinic.

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