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Provisionally Registered Pharmacist (PRP)

Job Responsibilites

  • Provide pharmaceutical advice and services as well as general advice on health and beauty care to customers
  • Attend to customer inquiries and strive towards meeting customer expectations
  • Assist fully registered pharmacist/s in dispensing medicines and other related professional duties
  • Undertake the training modules/program with enthusiasm and a commitment to learning from the preceptor and other staff in the training environment
  • Manage and monitor inventory to ensure ideal supply levels
  • Collect and process sales transactions accurately
  • Ensure a safe, clean and organized working environment

Job Requirement

  • Pharmacy graduate from Universities or institutes recognized by the Pharmacy Board of Malaysia
  • Good organizational skills in order to complete the work delegated by the Branch Manager whilst simultaneously exhibiting good customer service
  • Positive attitude with excellent interpersonal skills
  • Team player who can also work well independently
  • Possesses competent problem-solving abilities and utilizes critical thinking

Contract Length

    12 months

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