“Regular Card service” (hereafter called the SERVICE) refers to the member-exclusive service provided by CARiNG Pharmacy  Retail Management Sdn Bhd and its affiliated companies (hereafter called the COMPANY) for Regular Card holders. This AGREEMENT is made and agreed to between YOU and the COMPANY.


1. “Member” or “Members” means individual(s) who has been accepted by CARiNG Pharmacy as participating member(s) of the Program in accordance to the Terms and Conditions set forth herein; “Membership” means membership to the Program in accordance to the Terms and Conditions herein; “Points” means the points awarded to Members for purchases and redemption of Rewards at participating CARiNG Pharmacy or Merchants’ outlets; “Program” means the CARiNG Regular Program operated by CARiNG Pharmacy; “Rewards” means the vouchers, products, services, rewards, gifts or other benefits made available by CARiNG Pharmacy under a rewards program established by CARiNG Pharmacy which may be redeemed by Members.


2. These Terms and Conditions (including the Policy on Privacy and Data Protection) govern the award and use of Points by Members, and set out the terms of the agreement between CARiNG Pharmacy and each Member with regards to the Program. A person intending to participate in the Program can sign up and register for the Program with CARiNG Pharmacy by applying for a Regular Member and can then earn Points on various purchases at participating CARiNG Pharmacy outlets. By applying to register with the Program or using the Regular Card, a Member is deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions. CARiNG Pharmacy may, in its sole discretion decide and without the need to assign any reason, refuse an application made by any person to be a Member.


3. CARiNG Pharmacy reserves the right to, at any time, vary or terminate the Program or any privileges under the Program or withdraw the Regular Card from use without prior notification to Members and without being liable in any way to Members. CARiNG Pharmacy may, at its sole discretion, remove any or all Members from the Program at any time.


4. The Program is operated by:
CARiNG Pharmacy  Retail Management Sdn Bhd
No 1, Jalan 51/203A, Kawasan Perindustrian Tiong Nam,
Seksyen 51, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
(Contact) 03-7453 1988 


5. Membership is open to individuals who are 18 years of age and above. Residents and non-residents of Malaysia (who must carry telco number from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia without fail) may apply for membership.


6. Regular card is a privilege card and is non-transferable. It is not a credit card, debit card or a charge card.


7. Regular Card is given out to Members, without charge in virtual version via downloading from mobile app, without any purchase. Alternatively, customers are also given an option to pay 00 per card for physical copy as it may determine by the availability.


8. No annual fee will be charged for the Membership.


9. A Member may use Regular Card only in participating Merchants’ outlets or at such places or on such items as CARiNG Pharmacy may specify from time to time.


10. Regular Card must be presented to the cashier of the CARiNG Pharmacy outlets or participating Merchants’ outlets BEFORE each purchase to record the amount spent. Regular card PRESENTED AFTER THE TRANSACTION WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR POINT ACCUMULATION.


11. There shall be no accumulation of Points for backdated receipts, special savings, offers, bulk purchases and sales, unless otherwise stated.


12. POINT ACCUMULATION WILL BEGIN FROM NIL. Members are advised to keep all receipts for at least 6 months of each qualifying period in the event of discrepancies in the accumulated Points.


13. Points expire 12 months after issuance on a first in first out basis. Points are not transferable.


14. Points will be awarded at the rate agreed by CARiNG Pharmacy when a Member purchases goods (except for cash vouchers purchase) at CARiNG Pharmacy outlets. CARiNG Pharmacy may alter the method and rate at which Points are awarded at its discretion from time to time and CARiNG Pharmacy may revise from time to time.


15. Redemption of Points will be processed after the application details for redemption has been received by CARiNG Pharmacy. Once redemption has been accepted by CARiNG Pharmacy, it cannot be cancelled, exchanged or returned.


16. Points cannot be exchanged for cash and can only be used for redemption of vouchers. CARiNG Gift Vouchers may be redeemed by a Member using Points.


17. Points cannot be redeemed until they are credited into the Membership account of the Member. Points will be recorded in the Member’s account only after CARiNG Pharmacy has notified the details of the relevant transaction which Points are issued.


18. Points redemption subject to the Member complying with the procedures for redemption

19. A Member may redeem some or all his Points for Gift Voucher subject to the Member complying with the procedures for redemption.

20. All Rewards and Gift Vouchers are subject to availability and further subject to all applicable legal rules and the terms and conditions (including priority level, selection criteria and limitations of liability) as imposed by CARiNG Pharmacy.

21. In the event of a failure or breakdown of any equipment or system used in connection with the Program, CARiNG Pharmacy may refuse request for redemption or to award Points on any transaction. CARiNG Pharmacy and the Merchants shall not be responsible or liable in any manner in the event Points are not awarded or redemption cannot be made or a Member is unable to check his Points, due to any failure in the equipment or system used in connection with the Program.

22. The use of the mobile app and Website is at the Members’ risk. Members are responsible for the security of their user login and password. CARiNG Pharmacy accepts no liability for the disclosure of the user login or password by the Member to a third party, whether intentionally or not.

23. CARiNG Pharmacy reserves the right to block a Member from accessing his account online if CARiNG Pharmacy has reasonable grounds to suspect that fraud or misconduct has been committed by the Member or a third party. While CARiNG Pharmacy uses reasonable efforts to include up to date information in the mobile app, Website and in all its publications, CARiNG Pharmacy makes no warranties or representations as to their accuracy, reliability, completeness or otherwise.

24. If a Member lost her/his physical Regular Card, Member may download the mobile app for the membership re-activation and replacement. Physical card replacement is subjected to availability and payment of charge or such other terms, if applicable, imposed by CARiNG Pharmacy.


25. Notification of any matter in relation to the Program shall be deemed given to Members if it is made via any one of the methods below:

a. by posting on the Mobile app; Website; SMS or

b. by sending an email to Members who have provided email address to CARiNG Pharmacy; or

c. by publication in a newspaper; or

d. sending by ordinary post to the last known address of Members appearing in CARiNG Pharmacy records.


26. CARiNG Pharmacy will only be liable to a Member (and not any other third party) who suffers loss in connection with the Program arising from Points being wrongly deducted or non-credit of Points entitled by a Member and in such a case, CARiNG Pharmacy’s sole liability will be limited to crediting to the relevant Member’s account such Points which have been wrongly deducted or should have been credited but were not. CARiNG Pharmacy shall not be responsible where: (i) there is no breach of a legal duty of care owed to such Member by CARiNG Pharmacy or by any of CARiNG Pharmacy’s employees, staffs, authorized personnel or agents; or (ii) such loss or damage is not a reasonably foreseeable result of any such breach at the time CARiNG Pharmacy enters into this agreement with such Member; or (iii) any increase in loss or damage resulting from breach by such Member of the Program.


27. CARiNG Pharmacy and the Merchants are not responsible or liable to the Members for indirect, consequential or economic losses, loss of profits, loss of opportunity or punitive damages of any kind.


28. CARiNG Pharmacy may further establish rules, procedures and policies in relation to any matter regarding the Program, all of which shall form part of the Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions as set out herein shall prevail in the event of any conflict or inconsistency with any other documents, statements, rules, procedures, policies or communications, issued by CARiNG Pharmacy, including FAQ, advertising or promotional materials.


29. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Malaysia and Members shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Malaysia.


30.CARiNG Pharmacy promotional materials are the intellectual property of CARiNG Pharmacy, participating Merchants, or other third parties. Members have no right to use such intellectual property.

Members Maintenance

1. What is Regular Member?

A lifestyle and extra care reward program designed for members to collect and redeem points, enjoy various product discount at CARiNG Pharmacy outlets and shop online.


2. How can I join Regular Member?

Membership is open to individuals who are 18 years of age and above. Residents and non-residents of Malaysia (who must carry telco number from Malaysia +60, Singapore +65 and Indonesia +62 without fail) may apply for membership.


3. How can I join?

Download CARiNG Mobile App via Google Play store for Android users or Apple App store for IOS users and activate the membership.


New Member

Download CARiNG Mobile App, complete the online registration form via CARiNG Mobile app and you will receive an SMS activation code (OTP code) to your registered mobile number to complete your member activation.


Existing Regular Member

Visit your nearest CARiNG Pharmacy and present your mobile phone to cashier for member validation and activation, OR, member to download the mobile app complete the online registration form via CARiNG Mobile app, you will receive an SMS activation code (OTP code) to your registered mobile number to complete your member activation.


4. There may be a delay in receiving an SMS activation code (OTP code)

Due to high volume of activation that is taking place at the same time, please wait for 2 minutes before clicking the “Resend” link  


5. What should I do if I lost my Current Regular Card?

If a Member lost her/his physical Regular Card, Member may download the mobile app for the membership re-activation and replacement. Physical card replacement is subjected to availability and payment of charge or such other terms, if applicable, imposed by CARiNG Pharmacy.


6. How do I check my current points balance on my Regular Card?

Points earned after every purchase are reflected within 24 hours on your member account. Points that are not reflected at the point of purchase will be updated the next working day. You may also log on to your Mobile app Member account, or Regular Member Site http://caring2u.com/mymember/ or visit to any CARiNG outlets for more inquiry. 


7. How do I update my member details?

You may also log on to your Mobile app Member account , or Regular Member Site http://caring2u.com/mymember/ to update your latest profile, or visit to any CARiNG outlets for assistance. Personal mobile phone number and birthday date is only allowed to update ONCE (one time). Member need to report or visit to any CARiNG outlet if he/she request to amend or revise without fail.


8. I do not have mobile number

A valid mobile phone number is required as member ID and it is for account maintenance purpose. Every mobile number will be treated as single ID, therefore, every single mobile phone number can be only registered ONCE.

Member need to take own risk and responsibilities if he/she use third part mobile phone number for member registration. CARiNG Pharmacy reserves the right to stop service or correct any errors, mistakes, omission or inaccuracies.  


9. How do I change my password? 

Mobile App An SMS activation code (OTP code) will be sent to the registered member upon re-sign in. Please key in the 4 digit number to log in.

Member Site 
Log on to CARiNG Regular Member site via http://caring2u.com/mymember/, member to activate password if first time login, or member could reset password if forget password. An SMS activation code (OTP code) will be sent to the registered member. Please key in the 4 digit number to log in.

Members Benefit


1. What if I forgot to bring my Regular Card upon purchase?

Member need to present the physical card or virtual card via mobile app upon
purchase to collect points or making redemption of points without fail to
safeguard your interest.


2. Will I be able to enjoy all member benefits instantly upon sign-up?

Yes, you may start accumulating points immediately after activating your membership if you joined Regular before 31 December 2017. For those newly join member, you may receive welcome reward points and start to collect points upon every purchase at CARiNG Pharmacy outlet or shop online.


3. How do I earn my birthday bonus points?

The birthday benefits can only be utilized after you activate your Regular Card or newly join Regular member. During the month of your birthday, you can enjoy 3X bonus points for the purchase plus RM5 Birthday voucher with minimum purchase of RM50 in a single receipt for ONCE.  Birthday bonus points are credited to your account the next working day.

The member who join Regular member during his/her birthday month can only enjoy the birthday RM5 discount voucher in the next circle, however, member is still eligible for 3X bonus points for the purchase during the birthday month. 


4.Does my Regular Card have a validity period?

Your Regular Card has no validity period.


5. Is it possible to merge the points accumulated in the two Regular Cards
owned separately by me and my friend/family member?

The Regular Card is designated for individual use by the respective Card Member only. No merging or transfer of points from different Regular Cards is allowed. However, member may raise the request to the respective CARiNG pharmacy outlet for further consideration.


6. Do points expire on the Regular Card?

Yes. CARiNG points expire at the end of “12 Month” from the points credited date and expires points is based on “Fixed date by bucket” (e.g. points issued on 5/1/2018 will expire on 4/1/2019)


7. How do I earn points?

You get 1 CARiNG Point for every RM1 spent. You can fast-track your point’s accumulation by purchasing selected products with extra points, joining our special instore events or etc.


8. Are points granted according to the total amount settled in each purchase or the aggregated amount of several purchases?

Points earned are based on the total amount settled in each purchase or in a single receipt. Accumulation of receipts for points issuance is not allowed.


9. What can I do with the points earned?

Points can be redeemed in your next purchase at CARiNG outlet or CARiNG online store at the conversion rate of 150 points = RM1. You may also keep accumulating points through several purchases and redeem goods of higher value at a later time.


10. What is the minimum point redemption?

Points must be redeemed in minimum blocks of 150points = RM1 and with maximum limit of 7500 points =RM50.

There are total 5 denomination of cash voucher can be redeemed with CARiNG points which are RM1, RM5, RM10, RM20 and RM50.

Technical Issues


1. What to do if customer do not receive OTP when register via Mobile App?

a) Please help to register customer via WEB INSTORE, ask customer try to wait for the OTP code within ½ hour and manage it later by themselves at

b) The SMS that carry OTP code could be blocked by customer’s Telco company. Customer may need to contact his/her Telco to unblock it.

c) During Mon-Fri Office Hour (10am to 7pm), outlet could contact HQ Marketing Team (Laura, Mun Yan or SM Seow) for assistance if they could check the OTP code via the In Touch member care module.

2. What to do if register through Mobile App but the Virtual Regular ID doen not appear?
a) Log out and quit the App, then log in again.

b) Uninstall and reinstall the app again

3. What to do if register through Mobile App or after purchase but Points does not reflected in the app or web instore?

Generally, points earned after every purchase are reflected within 24 hours on your member account. Points that are not reflected at the point of purchase will be updated the next working day.

a) However, outlet could advise member to Log out and quit the App, then
log in again, OR

b) outlet could raise this issue on behalf of member via Support Center
for further verification. Marketing Team will revert after the

4. Customer have regular ID, also member of Direct Pharmacy, how to register?
Register by using Regular Member ID, validate the phone number.


5. Customer do not have email address, how to register?
 Please register by using customer_name@caring.com

Privacy Policy


1. Are there any privacy protection measures for my personal information submitted online?

All personal data submitted will be kept highly confidential secured. Your contact information will be used by solely by CARiNG for promotional purposes only.


2. Do you store my personal information on the card?

Yes, the Regular Card will show your mobile number with barcode scanning purpose and member name.


3. May I share my Regular Card with others for member benefits?

We do not encourage sharing of your Regular Card to prevent cases of misappropriation of use.


Our Pledge

1. We are committed to safeguarding your privacy and ensuring that your personal data is protected. We therefore make sure that our policies and practices in relation to personal data comply with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (the “Act”) under the laws of Malaysia.

This Privacy Notice is to help you better understand the manner in which your personal data is managed and to give you the options available to you to access or limit the use of the information provided. By providing us your personal data and your continued use of our services, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions below and consent to the processing of your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Notice.

Categories of personal data that we collect

The personal data collected and processed by us may include:

1. Name, Identity Card number and date of birth
2. Contact details including address, phone number(s) and email address
3. Occupation, marital status, race and household income
4. Any other personal data required for the purposes as set out below

Purpose of collecting your data

The personal data previously collected from you is being, and will continue to be used for purposes including without limitation:

1. to process your Membership application
2. to process the member activation, validation and verification purpose
3. to operate your Account
4. to facilitate access to and use of the website and mobile services relating to the Account
5. to make decisions in relation to Members, including (without limitation), suspend the provision of services
or terminate the Membership
6. to confirm, update and enhance your records
7. to monitor volume and spend information
8. to identify and (if possible) prevent fraud
9. for marketing purposes (subject to any objections received and/or consents obtained, for which see
10. to communicate via Points Summary Statement, e-statement, sms blast, telemarketing or email blast
11. to update your status as a Member
12. to promote offers on CARiNG’s products and services and that of our business Partners
13. to reply to enquiries made via call, email, letters, faxes, or facebook
14. to fulfill your requests including redemption requests
16. to administer your participation in contests

Disclosure of your personal data

Your personal data will be kept confidential, we may disclose and transfer (whether in Malaysia or abroad)

to our agents or contractors under a duty of confidentiality to us who provide administrative, data processing

research and marketing, distribution, telecommunications, professional or other similar services to us and to any of

our actual or proposed assignees or transferees of our rights with respect to you in connection with a merger, sale

or transfer (whether of assets or shares), to use, hold, process or retain such Personal Data for the purposes

mentioned in earlier statement above on our behalf.


Non-Provision of Personal Data

Failure to disclose sufficient personal data may result in us being unable to provide you with the full range of services under the programme.


Access to Personal Data

The Act allows you the right to access the personal data you have submitted. You may at any time update or amend the information provided to us simply by accessing 'Update Profile' on our website, or contact our Member Services Centre.


Your options and how to contact us

You may at any time make a request in writing to limit the processing and use of your Personal Data, including to prevent usage of your Personal Data for the purposes of direct marketing. Please email your request to  pdpa@caringpharmacy.com.my


For as long as you remain a Member in the programme your information will remain with CARiNG Pharmacy  and we will take all practicable steps to ensure the security of the data at all times from any unauthorized access. CARiNG Pharmacy  will endeavor not to disclose any personally identifiable information to any organization unless necessary to operate the programme and/or as set out in this Privacy Notice.

CARiNG Pharmacy  reserves the right to amend this Privacy Notice from time to time. Any material changes will be posted on our website with the updated Privacy Notice.

Thank You.

CARiNG Pharmacy  Retail Management Sdn Bhd.

CARiNG Pharmacy Retail Management Sdn Bhd (CPRM) values your privacy and works hard to ensure compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 of Malaysia.
This Privacy Notice explains how we collect and use your personal data.

A. Collection of Personal Data

Your personal data will be/is being collected, used and/or processed by CPRM for amongst others, the following purposes;-
1.      for registration of a user account with CPRM
2.      to send you promotional materials, advertisement for marketing purposes;
3.      for administrative purposes;
4.      to be used for internal record keeping.
This personal data is obtained when you register yourself in the CARiNG regular card form as a CARiNG member. Your personal data will not be released to third parties without your consent.

B. Nature of Personal Data

Examples of personal data that CPRM may collect directly from you:-
1.      name, age, gender, date of birth, identity card number/passport number;
2.      race, ethnic origin, nationality; 
3.      contact information including address, email address and phone number;
4.      marital status
Failure to obtain your personal data will lead to the following:-
1.      CPRM will not be able to provide you with updates in relation to CPRM services and promotions;
2.      CPRM will not be able to provide you with any notice, services in which you have requested.

C. Disclosing Your Personal Data

CPRM will keep your personal data confidential but you hereby consent and authorise CPRM to disclose your personal data to the following categories of parties:
1.      any person to whom CPRM is required to so by law or in response to a competent or government agency;
2.      any related, affiliated and subsidiaries of CPRM;
3.      CPRM's business partners in relation to providing you with CPRM products and services;
4.      government agencies, statutory authorities and industry regulators as required by law;
5.      CPRM's appointed service providers in relation to CPRM's loyalty programs, for the purpose of delivery of gift redemption and services.|

D. Retention of Personal Data

CPRM will retain your personal data for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes set out in Clause 1 hereinabove.


We shall keep and process your data in a secure manner. We endeavour, where practicable, to implement the appropriate administrative and security safeguards and procedures in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations to prevent the unauthorized or unlawful processing of your personal data and the accidental loss or destruction of, or damaged to, your personal data.

F. Access and Correction to Your Personal Data

It is your right as a data subject to have access and to correct your personal data in which you have provided to CPRM and in this respect, you may;-
1.      check if we hold or use your personal data and request access to your personal data;
2.      request for correction of any of your personal data which is inaccurate, incomplete or not up to date.
3.      request for explanation on the policies and procedures in respect of your personal data provided to CPRM.
4.      request CPRM to stop processing your personal data for marketing purposes;
5.      request CPRM to limit the process of your personal data, including personal data limiting to the persons who may be identified from your personal data;
6.      inform CPRM on your withdrawal (in full or in part) of your consent given previously to CPRM subject to any applicable restrictions, contractual conditions and a reasonable duration of time for the withdrawal of consent to be effected.

G. Your Obligation Regarding Your Personal Data

You are responsible for providing accurate, not misleading, complete and up-to-date information to CPRM about yourself and any other person whose personal information you provide us and updating this personal data as and when it becomes inaccurate, misleading, incomplete and out-of-date by contacting CPRM.

H. Your Consent

In enjoying benefits of CPRM’s services, your consent to the collection and use of the personal data by us in the ways described hereinabove (which may change time to time unless and until you inform CPRM to the contrary.

I. Contact Information

If you have queries or concerns, please contact our Data Protection Officer at 03-77821988 from Monday to Friday (9.00am-5.30pm, excluding public holidays) or email us at pdpa@caringpharmacy.com.my
If you wish to be excluded from our database and have the posting of updates to you terminated, please email us at pdpa@caringpharmacy.com.my.


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