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Waking up at night to go to the toilet is very common and some might think it is not a problem. However, going even once during sleeping hours is considered nocturia. The need to void ≥ 2 times per night is considered clinically relevant nocturia.

Complications of Nocturia
Patients suffering from nocturia may have the following health risks:
•    Falls and fall related injuries such as bone fractures
•    Sleep deprivation
•    Reduced quality of life as a result of injuries and lack of sleep

How common is Nocturia?
Although very common, nocturia incidents remain underreported. It was reported in a journal that it affects the following age groups: 20-40 years old: 2-18%, 70-80 years old: 28-62%.

Nocturia may also occur in patient suffering from underlying health conditions such as benign prostate hyperplasia, overactive bladder, anxiety, diabetes, kidney infection, swelling of lower legs, Parkinson’s disease, or organ failure such as heart of liver failure.

Lifestyle advice for Nocturia:

Below are some quick tips to reduce the number of times to empty the bladder at night:
• Think about your fluid intake, especially in the evening.
• Are there any other reasons for your disturbed sleep, such as stress or worry?
• Avoid smoking and watching TV in connection with night-time toilet visits.
• Try to relax before going to bed.
• Empty your bladder just before going to bed.
• Exercise during the day can help with sleep problems.
• If you have constipation, do something about it.

When to see your doctor

• If symptom persist in spite of lifestyle changes
• Lack of good quality sleep affecting your lifestyle during waking hours
• Mood changes resulting from the disturbance of your sleeping partner’s sleep
• If you have underlying health conditions as aforementioned, i.e. overactive bladder, organ failure etc.

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